The advantage of a manufactory is its flexibility. No matter whether you are planning niche products or large quantities, we are equipped to guarantee you the market supply from small series to large quantities.

Serums, tonics, emulsions, gels, masks and pastes or whatever you imagine. Our modern mixing technology with batch sizes from 50 kg to 1 t or more, depending on the agreement with the customer, delivers perfect and reproducible quality for your products.

Whether hand-filling, semi or even fully automatic production, in the end we deliver specification compliant products, piece by piece.

In detail, we can fill the following types of containers for you:

  • Glass and plastic crucible from 3 ml to 1000 ml
  • Glass and plastic bottles from 3 ml to 1000 ml
  • Glass and plastic ampoules of all kinds
  • Airless pump bottles
  • Plastic tubes

If required, seals are always made on the basis of the most modern and best materials made of aluminum, plastic or, for natural products, also of biomaterial.

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