The cosmetics industry is a fast-moving business.

Business partners of Compes Cosmetic rely on the high competence, innovative strength and flexibility of our company.

We are proud that our know-how enables you to succeed, because we master the tools of state-of-the-art formulation technologies and always expand on the latest findings.

Do you want active ingredient cosmetics or herbal or marine ingredients, Natrue, Ecocert or even Cosmos certified formulas, technology concentrates of white, blue or green biotechnology? We can offer you the right suggestions for every product category, because we not only develop formulas for individual products or cosmetic series, but also complete treatment concepts for beauty salons with an individual touch for you.

Our production facilities are – where necessary – computer-controlled. In this way, we can develop reproducible products with the highest quality standards, which inspire you, from the high-quality raw materials carefully selected for your demands.

The manufacturing principle of all value-added steps allows Compes Cosmetic to parallelize processes that can otherwise only run one after the other. That is why we are your flexible partner, which not only translates innovation into products, but also makes them available to the market in a very short time without unnecessary additional steps and costs.